General Questions

How do I size my steam shower generator?

Mr. Steam considers how to size a steam shower generator so important that we’ve developed a ‘Configurator’. It provides a streamlined step-by-step guide that walks you through sizing a generator, and also selecting your control, steam head and adding other options as well if you like.

Do MrSteam Steam Shower Systems work with smart home and home automation systems?

Your MrSteam SteamShower System can integrate with many Home Automation and Smart Home systems by using our HomeWizard System, speak with your Home Automation system professional about installation options.

Product – Function / Descriptions

What are the differences between the MrSteam Steam Shower Controls, iSteam3, AirTempo, iTempoPlus, and iTempo?

We offer three distinct steam shower controls. Our most technologically advanced control, with unsurpassed swipe touch functionality in a sleek, contemporary package, the iSteam3. The only wireless steam shower control available, Air Tempo mounts on almost any hard surface. And our iTempo that mount nearly flush and are available in 11 designer finishes.

What are the features of the iSteam3 Steam Shower Control?

The iSteam3 is our most technologically advanced Steam Shower control, with unsurpassed swipe touch functionality in a sleek, contemporary package. Temperature, time, aroma infusion, chroma lighting, and music — iSteam3 puts you in charge of it all and lets you customize your experience.

What are the features of the AirTempo Steam Shower Control from MrSteam?

The AirTempo Steam Shower Control is the industry’s first wireless Steam Shower Control. It’s powered by replaceable, long-lasting batteries, and connects wirelessly, eliminating need to run a cable to the generator. It also mounts on nearly any hard surface, like tile and glass. And it’s perfect retrofits of older controls. The optional flush mount kit fills the space in the wall where the old control was installed.

What are the features of the iTempo Steam Shower Control from MrSteam?

The iTempo Control is simple, elegant, and easy to use. Forged from solid brass and available in your choice of 10 designer finishes, iTempo meshes seamlessly with any bathroom décor.

How does AutoFlush from MrSteam work?

AutoFlush is an automatic self-cleaning system that promotes a long, healthy life for steam shower generators by automatically flushing the steam shower generator of sediment two hours after every steam bath. It assures that you get clean steam every time. We have a video that illustrates how it works on the AutoFlush page of our website.

Product Installation

How do I install my MrSteam Steam Shower Generator?

Before installing your new Steam Shower System, we recommend that you consult with licensed a professionals like a contractor, a plumber and an electricians about installing a steam shower system. To help you understand the steps involved here is an article that you may find helpful. There is a quick 3-minute video at the end that may also help answer some of your questions.