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The ultimate steam shower and spa experience is about quality.  MrSteam won the 2024 Red Dot Award for the design of the iSteamX steam shower control. This international award chose the iSteamX for its impeccable design and the complete control over every steam shower experience that it provides.

Learn more about the Red Dot Award and how you can have your own premium steam shower with the highest level of product design and quality in your home.


Red Dot is all about impeccable, innovative product design, and every year, well-crafted products achieve awards in product design, brand and communication design, and design concepts. The organisation has been identifying top-tier workmanship and products since 1955, and the product design category focuses on industrially-produced goods that are breaking new ground in innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. There are 51 categories from lamps to furnishings to showers, and competing products are evaluated by approximately 40 different international experts who carefully weigh every aspect of design.

The MrSteam design team is proud to be a Red Dot Award winner for outstanding product design, and we look forward to continuing to give our clients a luxurious, top-tier steaming experience through our digital controls, multi-sensory experiences, and decades of experience building the perfect steam showers.


When you have the iSteamX, you don’t just have a steam shower that fills the air with hot, rejuvenating steam that can relax your muscles and sink into your skin. You have a full spa-like experience that you can control every aspect of. Digitally control the steam temperature and timing, the audio, and the AromaTherapy supplements, either through pre-programmed preferences, saved options, or steam controls you can adjust to suit your exact mood.

The iSteamX digital control panel gives you control over entertainment and media, sound, light and ChromaTherapy settings, AromaTherapy options, and even the length of the shower. Learn more about the award-winning features so you can imagine your perfect shower experience.


The team is Wi-Fi-compatible and can easily connect to your home network. Why does this matter? Imagine this luxury experience:

  • Tune into your playlist and enjoy your favourite pre-selected music options.
  • Pick up your latest podcast exactly where you left off. If you were listening to a new episode in the car or didn’t reach the end of a gym show, start it from the same point without having to search or adjust the settings.
  • Plug into suggestions for Aromatherapy and ChromaTherapy “recipes” so you can try new multi-sensory combinations for energizing, destressing, preparing for sleep, and everything in between.
  • Plan your steam shower ahead of time. Looking forward to a steam after a long day at work? Set the stage ahead of time by pre-planning the settings and plugging them in so you can just walk straight into your favourite shower. You can even time it so you don’t ever have to wait.


Wi-Fi-compatible showers can be an incredible luxe experience—or they can be a tedious inconvenience. It all comes down to the product design, and our Red Dot award highlights just how luxe the experience is with our digital control panel. Our controls are intuitive, easy to operate, and convenient. You can easily find what you’re looking for down to the last detail, whether you want a fine-tuned AromaTherapy program for your shower after the seasons change or this is your first time operating the panel.

The panel also fades into the background once you’ve made your selections. So, you can lean back and enjoy the serenity without a beeping or harshly glowing panel interrupting your moment.


Want to mix some entertainment and media into your steam experience? This is a great option for a long, gentle steam shower where you can catch up on your favourite media or a quick steam when you need to double up and catch up on the news at the same time. With the iSteamX’s Wi-Fi connectivity and easy controls, you can plug into all your favourite media sources, including:

  • Amazon Prime and Amazon Music
  • Audible
  • ESPN
  • Netflix
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Weather

Enjoy your favourite music, shows, podcasts, and books without interruption. Get everything from energetic podcasts to relaxing nature sounds and background music, all with great clarity over the whisper-silent steam.


Add therapeutic elements to your shower through the lighting, not just the steam. MrSteam’s ChromaSteamX System allows you transform the environment of your steam shower with a flood of pleasing light suited to your own moods and preferences. If you’re not convinced, give it a try—we think you’ll see the light.


AromaTherapy uses the power of scents to add extra energizing, clarifying, and relaxing effects to your showers. With a single tap of the screen, you can change your aromatic infusers to release eucalyptus and mint for a great start to the day, rose and lavender before you sleep, and lemony or herbal scents if you’re relaxing after a long workout. All the options, pre-sets, and manual settings are right on your screen.


MusicTherapy options let you choose your own adventure as you steam. When you want to relax or recuperate instead of stay plugged in, choose from a wide array of music, beats, nature sounds, and white noise. If you have multiple users in your household, everyone can create their own custom profile for a conveniently customized therapeutic experience.

Come home to an award-winning iSteamX digital control and luxurious steam shower with MrSteam.